Marketing Strategy Tips for Food Service Managers

Marketing Strategy Tips for Food Service Managers

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferPinterestTumblremailFoodservice managers have a lot on their plate, from food safety training to scheduling to ensuring that they have enough inventory to meet their guests’ needs without waste. That leaves very little time for Minnesota food service managers to create marketing strategies to bring in new business. This week, we have Read more about Marketing Strategy Tips for Food Service Managers[…]


Keeping Food Protection Equipment Operational in the Heat

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferPinterestTumblremailThe hot summer months can be taxing on food safety managers and their employees, but we often ignore the fact that excess heat impacts your equipment as well. As we all know, equipment failure causes a loss of revenue and poses a risk to the safety of the food you serve. Read more about Keeping Food Protection Equipment Operational in the Heat[…]


Safe Food Training for Seafood-Salmonella

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferPinterestTumblremailRecently a Seafood- Salmonella outbreak has prompted the recall of frozen, raw, canned tuna. At last count, the outbreak has sickened at least 13 people, including one in the state of Minnesota. Raw canned seafood is popular in restaurants that feature raw dishes such as sushi, sashimi and ceviche. Salmonella is Read more about Safe Food Training for Seafood-Salmonella[…]

Menu streamlining

Guide to Menu Streamlining

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferPinterestTumblremailWhen evaluating the food cost of any given menu, waste creates a major impact and hurts profit margins, especially during typically slow late winter months. Besides ordering less product, menu streamlining options can help reduce waste and leave more money in your budget. This week, we’ll offer some tips on menu Read more about Guide to Menu Streamlining[…]