The Certified Food Manager and Springtime Promotions

Many local businesses look to increase the number of guests visiting their establishment the weekend of Easter by providing activities that are fun for families. Whether you plan on having an Easter egg hunt or other spring related activity, we have a few tips for the certified food manager to create fun activities that will hopefully draw potential patrons.

The Certified Food Manager and Springtime Promotions

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Easter Promotions and the Certified Food Manager

Children and families love Easter egg hunts, especially if your business provides this activity without cost to your guests. This is a good opportunity to offer some promotional specials, such as discounted lunch or breakfast items, affordable beverages or grab-and-go snacks. You’ll often find that families who would not spend a few bucks on an Easter egg hunt will be more than willing to shell out spending money on small food items.

If you do attempt to have an egg hunt at your restaurant, we have a couple of suggestions that will make it fun for all.

  • Only use wrapped candies
  • Contain your hunt to a specific area of your facility
  • Limit the amount of prizes per participant
  • Provide a quiet zone for guests not participating in your activity

Remember that not every customer who comes to your establishment wishes to participate in your spring activities. If you have a popular restaurant that locals frequent, take the time to set up an area away from the activities so that your regulars have the opportunity for an enjoyable experience.

We recently saw an advertisement for an event that featured live animals. We’d like to remind you that if you operate a food service facility and plan on incorporating livestock into your event that live animals need to be separated from food production and service areas. It seems like a cute idea to have baby chicks, rabbits and goats roaming your restaurant, but they create a number of food born-illness hazards.

Springtime offers ample opportunity to draw new clientele to your restaurant. Do you have any events that you find brings customers to your door?

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