Certified Food Managers and Air Curtain Use

Nearly every restaurant has a door propped open from time to time, whether it’s a backdoor to an alley with access to dumpsters or garbage storage, a delivery entrance or even a front door that remains open during hot summer months or periods of increased traffic during busy times. Leaving any door open in a food processing facility leads to the risk of contaminates entering the building via insects, fumes or dirt and dust. It also leads to an energy cost nightmare when heating and air-conditioning systems constantly kick on and off. If this is a problem in your facility, you may want to consider how certified food managers and air curtain use work together – click this air-curtain system link.

Certified Food Managers and Air Curtain Use

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How Certified Food Managers and Air Curtain Use Keep Contaminates Out

Back doors and delivery entrances are especially susceptible to being left propped open. This can allow fumes from a delivery truck, flies, insects and other contaminates enter your kitchen. An air curtain can be effective in preventing these types of things from becoming a hazard.

Air curtains work by collecting air in their fan housing and then forcing it from the unit at the top of door frames towards the floor. This creates a wall of air that cannot be penetrated by small insects, dust particles and fumes. It allows doors to be opened for extended periods of time while reducing the risk of outside contaminates from entering your facility. This barrier of air also keeps hot or cold air out, allowing you to better regulate the interior temperature of your establishment. Keeping your open doors protected gives certified food managers one less risk to worry about.

If you have a delivery door or a backdoor that is constantly open, we recommend looking into an air curtain to reduce the risk of pests and fumes from entering your kitchen. Do you utilize an air curtain in your facility? How do you feel about them? Leave us your thoughts on these certified food managers and air curtain use incites.

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