Minnesota Football Season and Certified Food Managers

It’s football time, and that means it’s time to pull the jerseys out of the closet, cook up some tailgating cuisine and root on our favorite teams. Many local restaurants will offer game day specials, buffets on weekends and pull out all the stops while their guests enjoy some pigskin action. Whether you bleed maroon and gold or purple and gold, we have some tips for certified food managers to draw in additional Minnesota football season fans and provide exciting service that will keep customers coming back week after week.

Minnesota Football Season and Certified Food Managers
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Certified Food Managers and Football Specials

Sports fans look for two things when considering places to enjoy games: excitement and value. No true football fan wants to sit in an empty lounge and pay regular price for nachos and beer, so we have some tips to help you attract guests looking to get the most out of their pigskin viewing experience.

  • Value-priced food specials
  • All-you-can-eat menu items
  • Contests, games and prizes
  • A lively environment

Football fans are looking for a deal, and a certified food manager can provide it without taking a hit in profit margins. Ingredients for menu items such as nachos or chips and dip don’t take a huge food cost hit, and can even be offered as an all-you-can-eat item without killing profit margin. You may even want to consider affordable and refillable items like French fries, and discounted menu items whenever the home team is on top. Remember, the goal is to get people in the door. Offer upgrades such as handmade guacamole, meat, dips or other toppings at an additional cost. Be creative, you know what your food costs look like, and certified food managers can use their intimate knowledge of their menu to find value items that customers will enjoy and lead them to make additional purchases.

This may be an idea more suited for the front of the house managers, but if you’re a certified food manager than runs both front and back of the house operations, consider running contests and games rewarding patrons for various activities. Consider some sort of football bingo for a free appetizer, reward the best-dressed fan with a two-for-one special or create a random fantasy or knockout pool that runs the entire season. This will keep guests coming back to see their fellow contestants week after week.

Finally, football fans want an environment where they can be loud and have fun. Having several televisions playing various games is a plus and will draw out of town guests.

Do you use football season to market your restaurant? What’s the best promotion you’ve seen a certified food manager use during football season?

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