Certified Food Managers and Changes in their Title and Requirements

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, the Minnesota Department of Health has proposed the first major update to the food code in quite some time. One important aspect of these changes includes the altering of certain terms that are commonly used in the code. This week, we’ll break down the change in terminology as it relates to the title of Certified Food Managers.

Certified Food Manager CFM to Certified Food Protection Manager(CFPM)

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Upcoming Changes for Certified Food Managers in the MN Food Code

We notice right away that the title of certified food managers is changing. The new language in the code will refer to the Certified Food Protection Manager. This is a slight change, but something worth taking note of. The duties and training required for the Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) will remain similar to previous requirements with a few exceptions.

One reason for this change is to clarify that the requirement for outlets to have a CFPM are based on risk rather than the type of facility where food production occurs. Under the new proposed food code, there will no longer be an exemption for mobile food units, such as food trucks or carts, temporary or seasonal facilities. These types of food producers will now be required to have a full-time CFPM based on their risk category.

The changes in the way the code deals with the certified food protection manager also clears up a few issues regarding certification and renewals. The instructor providing training and renewal courses must be certified themselves in order to provide certifications for students.

Finally, the Minnesota Department of Health is also altering the grace period allowed for renewal of certification. Rather than a full year, managers now only have a grace period of six months to complete their renewal requirements.

What do you think of the changes to the certified food protection managers in the new code? Will it affect how you go about your duties?

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