On-site Food Safety Training in MN

Not all restaurants, food production facilities and institutional kitchens produce the same product in the same way, so why should all food safety certification training take place in a location that doesn’t resemble your facility? We think there numerous advantages to scheduling an on-site food safety training class that takes place at your operation.

Customized On-site Food Safety Training In MN
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The Advantages of On-site Food Safety Training

Right off the top of our head, we can think of several benefits to scheduling an instructor led food training session at your facility:

  • Convenience
  • Certifying and training multiple staff members
  • Ability to ask questions relevant to your business
  • Training tailored to your needs

What can be easier than having your instructor come to you? You don’t have to worry about your GPS sending you to North Dakota when you’re searching for a training location you’ve never visited or finding parking near the training facility. It also makes it possible to train and certify multiple employees without worrying about scheduling conflicts or whether or not your employees have access to reliable transportation to the testing location.

A highly knowledgeable food safety expert knows the Minnesota food code in and out, and during a training session at your food production facility you’ll not only have the ability to have your questions answered, but you’ll have the advantage of having your instructor being able to give you real world answers that pertain to your facility and the type of food you produce. A school cafeteria has different needs than a restaurant and there are many different types of kitchens that have different food safety risks. Your instructor can take a look at your facility and answer questions accordingly.

Finally, you can choose which food safety training certification standard you want your employees to achieve. You may want your employees to receive ServSafe training, HAACP certification or any other MN accepted testing, but times and location for your preferred classes just don’t work. Having an on-site training session with all members of your staff that require a certain type of training solves this dilemma

Would you be interested in an on-site food safety training and exam session at your establishment? Let us know, and we’d be happy to design a course that suits your needs.

For over 20 years Safe Food Training has been known as the # 1 provider of food manager certification in Minnesota. We offer both instructor lead and on-line food safety certification courses. Our instructor lead courses are regularly scheduled at several central Minnesota locations. If you have special training requirements, we can even customize ServSafe training for your group. Which ever option is best for you, we would be happy to serve your needs.

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