New FDA Menu Labeling Guidelines and Food Manager Certification in MN

Effective the first week in May, the FDA requires all chain restaurants with 20 locations or more to post nutritional information for their menu items. This impacts menu design and how customers view the dishes that you serve.

The FDA rules apply to restaurants or businesses that serve restaurant-style items and have similar menus at 20 or more locations with the same name. Some exceptions exist for grocery-style items that require further preparation at home such as salad kits, deli meats and cheeses. The types of items that now require posted nutrition information include:

    • Take out item such as pizza and prepared sandwiches
    • Bakery items served over the counter or in coffee shops
    • Scoops of ice cream intended for immediate consumption
    • Certain alcoholic beverages

Nutrition is not a topic that is required for you to obtain your food manager certification in MN, but it will be necessary for supervisors to make sure that nutritional information is properly displayed. If you’re a supervisor at a chain with over 20 locations, your corporate office should send you all of the information that you need, but the information that the FDA requires on display includes:

        • Suggested total daily calorie consumption
        • Total calories and calories from fat in each menu item
        • Sodium
        • Carbohydrates, fiber and sugars

The FDA also requires food served in vending machines to visibly post nutritional information. This information can be available next to each item in the machine or on a digital display, but it must be visible in a place other than the package of the item.

The FDA suggests that making nutritional information available will help consumers make healthier dietary choices. Would nutritional information change your mind about ordering a double-cheese burger and selecting a fresh salad instead?

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