Certified Food Manager Training For Multiple Employees

Minnesota food code requires food service businesses to have at least one ServSafe manager on staff. If you own a restaurant or any other type of food preparation facility, you may wish to consider the benefits of having more than one supervisor or staff member undergo online certified food manager training.

The Benefits of More than One Certified Food Manager

We see many positives when it comes to going beyond the minimum and having multiple ServSafe trained employees. Some of these positives include:

  • Greater food safety coverage
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Trained staff available for promotions
  • Protection of your financial bottom line

Having extra employees with the knowledge that online Certified Food Manager training provides will go a long way towards keeping your guests safe from food-borne illness. The knowledge of how bacteria spreads and infects those who consume tainted food is key to stopping it from happening in the first place.

Hedging your bets with several certified food managers gives your business more flexibility when it comes to staffing. If your head chef or top supervisor takes an extended vacation, another team member can be ready to step up. This also makes it easier to fill any vacancies. If you encounter a situation where your manager has to vacate his position for any reason, you have key personnel ready to take their place without the need for training, certification or going through the long process of hiring a new supervisor from an outside source.

Finally, the more knowledgeable your staff the better they can protect your bottom line. Trained personnel will know how to prevent waste and how to store food properly. They will also make fewer food handling mistakes, preventing cross-contamination and the loss of food that has not been handled in a safe manner. When you’re serving food that is fresh and free of pathogens, you’re patrons will know the difference and you’ll gain more returning customers.

Does your food service business have enough coverage? If not, we gladly offer online ServSafe training and can create instructor led courses tailored to your needs.

For over 20 years Safe Food Training has been known as the # 1 provider of food manager certification in Minnesota. We offer both instructor lead and on-line food safety certification courses. Our instructor lead courses are regularly scheduled at several central Minnesota locations. If you have special training requirements, we can even customize ServSafe training for your group. Which ever option is best for you, we would be happy to serve your needs.

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