Food Training to Prevent Knife Injuries from Avocado Prep

It recently came to our attention that an increased number of people are injuring themselves while cutting avocados. With summer upon us, avocados are frequenting menu items such as salads, and guacamole production is in full swing at local restaurants. We feel that food training should go beyond keeping your food safe, but also keeping your staff safe as well, so this week we explore the proper way to prepare this popular ingredient.

Safe Food Training on the Way to Cut an Avocado

The way many professionals cut and prepare an avocado poses a great risk for a sliced finger or even a puncture wound to the hand. The main reason for injury is due to the fact that most people cut an avocado while cradling it in their palm. This can cause the tip of the knife to slip through the avocado skin and slice a finger or a thumb when cutting it in half.

The most serious injuries occur when removing the pit. The common method for this procedure is holding the avocado face up and slamming the blade into the pit in order to twist it out of the center. The pit cracks if it is overripe or if too much force is used and the knife can go directly through the entire avocado and create a potentially gruesome cut.

The safe food training solution takes a few seconds more per avocado, but a few seconds versus time at the emergency room can be the best decision. It is important to rest the avocado on a cutting board rather than the palm of your hand, this way a slip up with the knife results in no physical damage to yourself. With the avocado resting on the board, grip it firmly from the side and slice from the top to bottom until you have reached the pit. Remove the knife and repeat with the other side.

Now, simply twist the two halves apart and use a paring knife to cut around the pit and take it out with a spoon. Next, remove the flesh with a spoon, and slice or dice as you see fit.

At Safe Food Training, we endeavor to provide information that keeps your food and staff safe. Are there any kitchen safety issues you’d like to see us cover?

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