Food Safety Classes and Food Safety Month

September is National Food Safety Month, and this makes for the perfect time to brush up on what you have learned in your food safety classes and go out of your way to make sure your facility is in top shape. It can also provide an opportunity to enlighten your guests to the steps you take to keep pathogens from reaching their plate.

Food Safety Classes and Food Safety Month

Promoting Food Safety Month During September

While we should remain vigilant throughout the year, setting aside one month to assess and address food safety in your facility is a great idea. This could be the perfect time to perform a mock health inspection so you can see if there are any gaps in your staff knowledge and performance. If you find any issues, conducting a few group food safety classes with your employees will get everyone on the same page and increase food safety awareness.

This also provides you with an opportunity to clue your guests in on some food safety procedures. A detailed handwashing sign in your public washroom, a card on the table informing them of your table sanitation process or even an extra sheet in your menu with a daily food safety tip they can apply at home in honor of food safety month can impress upon your clientele how much you value their health.

You should also take the time to identify key members of your team that are ready for the responsibilities of a certified food manager. It never hurts to have multiple employees certified in the event of the absence of your current certified manager.

ServSafe has provided tools and worksheets for you and your staff to review over the coming month to improve your food handling practices. Do you participate in Food Safety Month?

For over 20 years Safe Food Training has been known as the # 1 provider of food manager certification in Minnesota. We offer both instructor lead and on-line food safety certification courses. Our instructor lead courses are regularly scheduled at several central Minnesota locations. If you have special training requirements, we can even customize ServSafe training for your group. Which ever option is best for you, we would be happy to serve your needs.

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