Taking a Break from Food Safety Certification to Enjoy the MN State Fair

It’s August again and that means that it’s just about time for the Minnesota State Fair. This time of the year we like to take a break from food safety certification MN training and HACCP testing to take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this once a year event. From ogling prize winning agricultural feats, to taking in concerts, to finding the most audacious, rule-breaking, deep-fried items on a stick, there is something for everyone. This week, we’d like to share exactly why we think our fair is the best the country has to offer.

Taking a Break from Food Safety Certification to Enjoy the MN State Fair

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Creative Cuisine at the Minnesota State Fair

Every state says that their state fair is bigger and better than the rest, but we Minnesotans believe otherwise. Our state fair offers a great blend of entertainment on the grandstand, incredible horse shows, and a wide array of the best arts and crafts the Midwest has to offer, but one of the things that we enjoy the most is the innovation the local food community puts on display.

In the past, the state fair has become known for vendors pushing the envelope when it comes to putting food on a stick. With so much to do, there is little time to waste on taking in a sit-down meal, so food on a stick is the choice of most fair patrons. We’ve seen quite a few creative offerings in the past, such as:

  • Any kind of battered and deep-fried candy
  • Sausages and corn-dogs
  • Sushi
  • Fried olives

Of course, the food on a stick doesn’t stop at deep-fried cuisine. Desserts such as s’mores, waffle-wrapped ice cream balls and other sweet items are also readily available. Some of our local craft brewers have also found inventive ways for fair goers to purchase sampler flights on a stick.

But the fair isn’t just about inventive deep-fried cuisine. There’s also the regionally famous canning and preserve competition as well as the always intense, and mouth-watering, baked goods contest that has entry levels for all age groups and any style of baking that you could possibly imagine.

We’re looking forward to seeing what creative cuisine on a stick vendors come up with this year and which baked good takes home the best in show. What’s your favorite food moment at the Minnesota State Fair?

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