New MN Food Code Thermometer Rules

Starting January of next year, a new MN food code becomes effective. One altered rule from the previous code involves the types of thermometers that food managers use in their kitchens. This week, we’ll break down the new MN food code thermometer rules change and discuss changes to temperature requirements.

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New MN Food Code Thermometer Rules Guide For ServSafe Food Managers

The new food code rules involving thermometers ensures that ServSafe food managers get proper readings when checking the temperature of their product. In order to do this, the new code restricts the use of standard bi-metallic stem thermometers. These standard thermometers can now only be used to gauge the temperatures of larger food items such as roasts or hot liquid products such as sauces or soups in a pan deep enough to submerge most of the stem.

For thinner food items such as chicken breasts, beef patties and any other thin item, a small-diameter probe thermometer must be used. These are more accurate, and, due to their relatively small size, they can be completely inserted into most foods without having their readings compromised if the probe is too close to the outside surface of your product.

Along with the required use of a small-diameter probe, the Minnesota Department of Health has elected to make a small change to hot-holding standards. Hot-holding temperatures have been reduced from 140 degrees to 135 degrees. Research has sufficiently shown that bacterial growth can be sufficiently controlled at 135 degrees. This five degree reduction gives ServSafe food managers the opportunity to serve a higher quality product while hot holding their foods.

How do you feel about the new regulations involving small diameter thermometers?

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