A Quick Resource Guide to the New Minnesota Food Code

The new Minnesota Food Code take effect January 1, 2019.Over the past few months, we’ve covered many of these new changes, and this week we’d like to give food safety managers a quick resource guide to some of the most important changes in the code.


Resource Guide to the New Minnesota Food Code

A Food Safety Manager’s Resource Guide to the New Minnesota Food Code Changes

It’s been 20 years since the last revision of the Minnesota Food Code, and we feel a lot of these changes are for the better. Here are some of the top changes that we’ve covered over the past few months:

The first change we’ll highlight is the change to the Certified Food Manager’s title. The Certified Food Manager will now be known as the Certified Food Protection Manager. This change was made in order to clarify the types of business require a CFPM.

Your handwashing stations will now no longer be required to have a nail brush available. The new regulations also outline other changes to handwashing stations including the use or air dryers and required signage.

Sanitation and having a documented plan for certain instances is now required. Going forward, you must have a documented plan for vomit and diarrhea cleanup.

There are new equipment standards in the updated food code that make it easier for food safety managers to choose which equipment to purchase for their kitchen.

Temperature control is a big part of food safety, and the current code now restricts the use of the standard probe thermometer for certain foods in favor of a small-diameter probe.

Speaking of temperatures, you will now be required to monitor the water temperature or your dishwashing machine.

The new code also addresses obtaining wild mushrooms from verified sources. Food safety managers must now source their mushrooms from registered providers.

The writers of the food code have taken the time to address certain unique situations. New sections have been added to code to include regulations for non-continuous cooking, reusable takeout containers and food preparation for susceptible groups.

Go ahead and bookmark this page for quick reference whenever you need it. At Safe Food Training, we’ll continue to update any new changes and how they affect food safety managers in Minnesota.

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