Online Food Safety Course to Beating the Summer Heat

The summer months can be brutal in the food production industry with hot, muggy air combining with the high temperatures of ovens and other cooking implements. Your kitchen staff will do anything necessary to maintain a remotely comfortable work environment, but there are a few things you have to look out for to make sure that your cooling techniques are not causing a food safety hazard. This week, we’d like to provide a brief online food safety course to keeping cool and keeping your food safe.

Food Safety Course to Beating the Summer Heat

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Food Safety Course on Cooling Guide for the Hot Summer Months

When temperatures rise, food service worked head immediately to storage and dig out whatever fans they can get their hands on and begin to strategically place them around the kitchen for maximum effect. While fans will circulate the air in your facility, they also circulate dust and other contaminates in the direction of your food. If you utilize fans to keep the air moving, take extra precautions that they are kept below the level where food is stored or prepared. Pointing a fan down onto your production line may pull in dust from the tops of equipment, areas that have not been cleaned properly and other locations where dust tends to build.

Propping open doors to the outside and using a fan to blow air in may also cause a food-borne illness hazard. Opening doors leads to the potential for flies and other contaminate-spreading insects to enter your facility, especially if the open door leads to an area where garbage is stored. It may be wise to look into cooling techniques that do not require an open exterior door

Cleaning your ventilation system regularly will help suck the hot air coming from your equipment out of your facility. Airborne grease and dust caked in ventilation filters greatly reduce efficiency and increase the temperature in your kitchen.

Do you have any sure-fire ways to keep your kitchen cool and prevent fans and ventilation from circulating contaminates around your facility?

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