Blogs and the ServSafe Food Manager

We cover all sorts of food safety topics in our ServSafe food manager training courses, but occasionally we come across a topic that strays from our standard instruction. We already know that businesses rely on social media for free marketing opportunities, and we recently discussed how using a regular blog can help keep your business on potential customers’ minds.

Blogs and the ServSafe Food Manager

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How a Blog can Help the ServSafe Food Manager

Facebook and Twitter hold people’s attention numerous times a day, and as they scroll through their feeds posts from your business will appear. Getting them to click on your post and look further into what your food preparation outlet has to offer can be accomplished, but you need to have something to offer them.

When considering a blog, make sure that you don’t attempt to use it as a sales pitch. Yes, the purpose of a marketing blog is to help the ServSafe food manager attract customers, but consumers are bombarded with online ads and suggested posts that are nothing more than thinly veiled advertisements. While you benefit from informing potential customers about your restaurant, it is key to expand your blog beyond what is on your menu or what product you sell.

It’s also important to keep you material fresh. If your blog covers the same material time after time, potential customers will keep scrolling or even unlike your business’ page. Expand beyond your niche. purpose of a marketing blogon the fringe of your industry, or display your involvement in community events. Whatever direction you take, keep it interesting and engaging for your readers.

Finally, make sure that you regularly update your material. Readers may check in from time to time to see if you have any new articles available. There is no set rule, but keeping your site updated weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reminds readers that you’re still out there.

We feel that blogs work as a marketing tool. Do you have any special marketing tools to keep your social media fresh?

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