Marketing Strategy Tips for Food Service Managers

Foodservice managers have a lot on their plate, from food safety training to scheduling to ensuring that they have enough inventory to meet their guests’ needs without waste. That leaves very little time for Minnesota food service managers to create marketing strategies to bring in new business. This week, we have three quick and easy tips that may help boost your food service marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Tips for Food Service Managers

Marketing Tips for the Busy Food Service Manager

These three steps can help you begin to develop a marketing strategy:

  • Identify your Niche
  • Define and Outline Your Strategy
  • Utilize Social Media to Create Sharable Content

Before you can create a plan to draw in new customers, you first need to know what you do well and what type of clientele you wish to market to. If you’re an upscale or fine-dining facility, creating a marketing plan directed at families with young children may not be appropriate, and dedicating marketing time to romantic evenings if you operate a lively bar could be a waste of your valuable resources. Knowing, or even creating, your restaurant’s identity is vitally important.

Once you’ve defined your identity, it’s time to outline a strategy. We know food service managers have very little free time, but creating a mission statement and outlining a strategy in writing will help you keep your efforts focused. Are you looking for ways to get current guests to return? Are you looking to increase your customer base by bringing in new guests? Your strategies will be different for each goal. Make sure you put a plan in writing. If you’re looking to increase return trips, you’ll need to reach your guests while they’re in your establishments. You can create incentives for return visits, make guests aware of events or simply make their experience as pleasurable as possible so they’ll want to come back.

Marketing via social media is easy and often free. Here’s where you get a chance to reach guests who have never been to your restaurant and remind guests who follow you that you offer amazing experiences. When creating social media posts, don’t just tell guests why they should give you a try, show them and create content they’ll want to share with their friends. Inject your establishment’s unique flavor and personality into your efforts rather than simply posting weekly specials and photos of your cuisine.

As a food service manager, do you have any marketing strategies that our readers should know about?

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