Online HACCP Training and Cash Handling Practices

As one of the leaders in online HACCP training and food safety certification industry, we like to dine out often, and we’ve noticed a trend that has caught our attention. Many local eateries are no long accepting cash as a form of payment. At first this may appear to be a way to limit lost funds by keeping all transactions digital or reduce the risk of robbery. While these are probably the most influential decisions to go cash free, we think this also helps reduce the risk of food-borne illness.


Online HACCP Training and Cash Handling Practices


The Public Health Benefits of Cash Free Restaurants

Most cash in peoples wallets aren’t crisp bills fresh from the bank. It’s been around for a while and on its journey from person to person, it’s picked up a few residents, namely bacteria. There are many of the common culprits of bacterial contaminates on paper cash and coins, but the potential also exists for something more exotic to have come into contact with your money before it got to you.

We know from online HACCP training that you must wash your hands properly after handling money. This should be a given in every establishment. Handwashing has proven to be an effective way to greatly reduce the risk of contaminating food. But a few other steps could be taken to keep food safer when collecting payment from guests.

In the digital age a solution can be found around nearly any dilemma. Simply going cash free reduces contamination risks. Modern point-of-sale systems allow customers to pay without handing a credit card to a server or cashier. This reduces contact between foreign contaminates and food service workers even further.

It’s still perfectly acceptable and possible to continue accept cash. Just make sure proper handwashing techniques are taught and enforced. You may also wish to employ a designates cashier who never or rarely handles food.

What are your thoughts on establishments that no longer accept cash?

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