ServSafe Managers and Temporary Labor Solutions

Over the course of a ServSafe managers career, he runs into temporary staffing issues. From covering staff vacations to filling in for employees who require an extended period of time off for personal reasons, supervisors must find a means of staffing their facility. Two of the most common solutions include granting overtime to key team members and bringing in food service workers from temp agencies, but this week we’d like to explore the option of bringing in some part-time help from your local culinary arts program.

ServSafe Food Managers and Part-Time Help

If you only need help for a few weeks or a couple of months, finding workers not interested in full-time employment presents unique challenges. One of the advantages of reaching out to one of the many culinary arts schools or junior colleges offers a solution to finding employees without the expectation of a long term commitment. Many students in these programs need work, but at the same time, they have two to four years of studies to focus on before they begin their career.

We recently engaged in a discussion with a culinary arts student who vented his frustrations with finding a balance between school and work. Culinary students, especially those in four-year programs, have a pretty heavy homework load. Many students are required to take economics, math, cultural studies and many other courses required in traditional colleges on top of their cooking seminars. This particular student expressed that it would be hugely beneficial if there was some sort of on-call style employment program that would allow him to focus on his studies and have a source of part-time income.

Many students are not seeking long term employment until after graduation. While you may find one that exceeds your standards that you want to keep on full time, there won’t necessarily be the expectation of either party that this will turn into a long term solution, and that can have its perks.

We know a few ServSafe managers who have explored this option for temporary staffing and have had a positive experience. If you have any thoughts, or you have your own unique solutions to these types of employment dilemmas, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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