The ServSafe Food Manager and Fall Pests

Fall brings the changing colors of the leaves to the great outdoors and the aroma of pumpkin spice food products to local restaurants and cafes. The colder temperatures and dying vegetation also brings an increased risk of certain types of pests that may pose a threat to the food prepared in local establishments.

The ServSafe Food Manager and Fall Pests

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ServSafe Food Manger’s Guide to Fall Pest Control

During the fall season, certain rodents move to warmer habitats, and places where food is cooked can seem warm and inviting. To prevent rodents from seeking out your facility as a fall home, keep your dumpster and garbage areas clean. Rodents may be attracted to the smells outside of your building before making the attempt to move inside. It’s also a good time to take a close look at your dry storage inventory. ServSafe food managers should have a system in place to keep storage areas clean and product off of the floor to prevent rodents from gaining access to your food supply.

Fall also brings an increase in the beetle population. These insects can not only gain access to you facility from nearby areas, they can also be brought in with fresh produce deliveries. Keeping your property free of dying tree leaves and other natural matter will remove some of these insect’s available breeding grounds, and inspecting all fresh produce on arrival will stop them from infiltrating the rest of your fruits and vegetables.

Finally, if you do encounter rat droppings or notice an increase in insects inside your facility, your ServSafe food manager should consider consulting a pest expert that has experience in dealing with food production facilities. The unique nature of our business requires us to be careful to keep our product safe, and pest control can often involve substances that should never come into contact with food. While pests can cause problems, we want to be very careful not to compromise food safety while solving these kinds of dilemmas.

Now that we’ve discussed keeping fall pests away, we’d like to hear about the challenges your facility faces with the turning of the seasons. Leave your comments in the section below.

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