Valentine’s Day Survival for Food Safety Certified Professionals

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays on the food service calendar for food safety certified professionals. Reservation sheets are full, chefs have the opportunity to show off their most creative specials and each member on staff prepares to be at the top of their game to impress each couple that walks through the doors. This can be a fun day, but it is also one that puts a lot of stress on team members and can be physically and mentally draining.

How Food Safety Certified Professionals Can Survive Valentine’s Day

Survival on the busiest of days means preparing for the night ahead. Having your prep stations fully stocked, your menu tried and tested and each server trained on their duties will help smooth out Valentine’s Day dinner service. We’ve heard that many busy restaurants sample out their special menus to their service staff so they not only know how to describe each dish, but know how it tastes. This will help them fully answer any guest’s questions about your restaurant’s cuisine. This will also save valuable time if the server does not have to retreat to the kitchen to get menu clarification before taking a guest’s order.

Having your line well stocked will also relieve stress in the kitchen. Nothing bogs down service like prepping on the fly with a full dining room. If your prep cooks and line cooks know exactly how much of each item that is required, they can sail through service with little issue.

One thing that helps keep stress levels low and frustration at a minimum is taking care of your staff’s health. Recommend a limit on caffeinated beverages. Caffeine raises blood pressure and can lead to short tempers if not kept in check. Adding a few extra water breaks into the schedule will keep your team hydrated and productive.

Finally, leaving early can sap your team’s morale. We know food safety certified professionals work as hard as anybody, but if you stick around to help your team clean up at the end of the night, it will keep their spirits high and earn you big time points with your line cooks and dish washing staff. This can do nothing but pay off in the long run.

Valentine’s Day ranks up there as one of the days when restaurants put on their best show. Are there any other special holidays where you strive to put on your best performance?

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